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Do you want to add style to your bedroom and wonder how to do that? If you want, then you are at the right spot. Upgrading your bed to a king-sized one is not challenging but what is challenging is to arrange the pillow cover in such a way that they complement your bedroom décor. When you find difficulties, then you look it up on the internet for a solution, and that’s where we come up. Here in this blog, you’ll get to know how to arrange pillow covers on a King Sized bed. But before we dig into our main topic, let’s quickly discuss how to set pillow covers. If you are new to such stuff and don’t know much about pillows, it would be helpful for you. 

Let’s get started!

Sizes and Shapes of Pillows:

Pillows come in various sizes and shapes. They fall into two main categories. The first is sleeping pillows, and the second is decorative pillows. Let’s have a quick knowledge about


Sleeping pillows come in custom sizes along with three standard sizes. The three standard sizes are 20 × 36 inches in king-size pillows, 20 × 30 inches in case of queen-size pillows, and 20 × 26 inches in standard-size pillows. And you can also use pillows or fitted bed sheets in Pakistan on the bedding sheet set.

Decorative Pillows:

As the name suggests, they are used for decoration and come in several shapes and sizes. Some of them are used for neck support. But whatever they are used for! All of them come in various sizes and shapes so you can choose according to your preferences. 

Euro Pillow:

Euro pillows are large and square and usually work as a standard pillow cover and are placed at the back. On King sized bed, three side-by-side euro pillows fit well. 

Standard Shams:

Standard shams are rectangular and usually work as sleeping pillows, and are primarily placed in front of euro pillows. 

Square Pillows:

Square pillows are known as decorative pillows. They add style to your bedroom decor. You can also call it a throw pillow.

Boudoir Pillows:

These pillows are rectangular in shape and are mostly small. Just like square pillows, this can also work as decorative pillows. 

Neck Roll:

Neck Rolls are cylindrical in shape but smaller in size. They provide support to the neck and also add style to your King sized mattress protector

Bolster Pillows:

They work as support pillows and usually are cylindrical. And also best for sofa and beds. 

Pretty much enough for the shapes and sizes of pillow covers. Now let’s move to our main topic and discuss the ways to arrange pillows cover on a king-sized bed. 

Sleeping Pillows

First Setup:

Placed two king-sized pillows, also known as sleeping pillows, at the back of the King sized mattress cover. Standard pillows do work, but for King sized mattress protectors use king-sized pillows. After that, placed three euro pillows in front of king-sized pillows. A Three euro pillow fit well on King sized beds and covers the sleeping pillows. In front of them, use two decorative pillows or square pillows of any size. The decorative pillows not only decor your bed but also add style to it. And in front of them, use a lumbar pillow cover; it will support your spine when you are sleeping. And that’s it for the first setup. Let me recall it for you in a sequence. Two king-size pillow cover or sleeping pillows, three euro pillows, two decorative pillows, and one lumbar pillow. And that’s it, your first setup with 8 pillows are ready. 

2nd Setup:

For this setup, you’ll need 4 sleeping pillows, two euro pillows. One decorative pillow and one lumbar pillow. For the arrangement, first, use four sleeping pillows and place them flat on the bed. In front of them, use two euro pillows followed by one decorative pillow cover, and next comes one lumbar pillow. Congrats! You are won to get your bed stunning look.

3rd Setup:

This setup does not include many pillows. You just need 4 sleeping pillows and one long lumbar pillow. And how can you arrange them on a king-size bed? 

Put four sleeping pillows first, and then in front of them, place a long lumbar pillow. Instead of using so many pillows, you can use the simplest setup. i.e., 4 sleeping pillows and one long lumbar pillow. 

4th Setup:

For this setup, you’ll need three euro pillows, 2 king pillows, 2 standard pillows, and one square pillow. First, you can put three euro pillows and then next comes two king pillows followed by two standard pillows and in the end, comes the square pillow that you can place in the front of standard pillows and the center as well. 

5th Setup:

For the 5th setup, you’ll need two euro pillows, four king pillows, and one lumbar pillow. You can arrange them by first placing two euro pillows cover. Now place your king pillows in two rows. In both rows, place two king pillows. And in the end, at the front and center place lumbar pillows. And your other setup is ready.

6th Setup:

You’ll need two king-size pillows and one decorative pillow for the 6th setup. So here is how you can arrange them. 

First thing first places two king-size pillows with an equal space in between them and after that put the decorative pillow in the front and at the center of these pillows. And your other simplest look for the King sized mattress protector is ready. 

Let’s Summarize

And one thing that you must keep in mind, choosing pillows is your personal preference. You can get inspiration from the above setup and can also use them. Don’t put the burden on yourself to follow the same thing, but yes; you can make them look the way you want to.

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