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Get to Know Everything about Fitted Sheets 

When it comes to choosing the right type of bed sheets, we see a variety of sheets. And as a result, we get confused and end up with no results. So, to make it easy, we are going to discuss one of the best sheets and provide you with a full guide on how you can use it, wash it, and fold it. 

Without further delay, let’s learn about it. 

What Are Fitted Sheets? 

Fitted bed sheets are made to cover the mattress. They are primarily used on the bottom of the mattress and are also known as “bottom sheets”. This queen size fitted sheet comes with an elasticated corner that makes this sheet fit around the mattress tightly. The primary purpose of the fitted sheets is to protect your mattress and works as a layer between you and your mattress. You can have a luxury and soft sleep on fitted sheets. Traditionally, they are white but now available in many colors with different patterns.  

Queen size Fitted Sheet

Features of Double Fitted Sheet

Easy to clean: you can wash them at home without going to the dry cleaner. What you need to do is just put it into the washing machine, and that’s it.

Increases the lifespan of the mattress
It protect the mattress from any stain and dust. This way, the lifespan of the mattress increases because they are safe from many dust things.

Provide comfort: Soft surface, so they provide you comfort and you sleep very well.

How To Fold

Folding with elastic at the four corners is the most difficult part. However, there are several methods to fold cotton jersey fitted sheets.

But before folding, makes sure you have a bed or table around you.

Let’s see the steps:

  1. First, see the long side and place your hand inside a pocket of it.
  2. Now turn only the top part of the sheet inside out.
  3. Set your hand at the same time. Or make a position of your hand like you are clapping.
  4. Now free your right hand by placing all the fabric on your left hand.
  5. Find the pocket by interchanging the position such that your left hand is free and all fabric is now on the right hand.
  6. You have completed your half journey of folding now, repeat 3 and 4 steps.
  7. Put the sheet on the table with the elastic upward.
  8. Now fold the sheet three times horizontally and two times vertically.
  9. Congratulations! You have successfully folded your queen size cotton fitted sheet
king size cotton fitted sheet

How to Use a Cotton Jersey Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets have elasticated corners that make it easier to put them on the mattress and it doesn’t slip over the mattress.

  1. Put on your mattress as flat as possible.
  2. Now take any corner of the fitted sheets and cover the corner of the mattress with it. Make sure the corner is nicely pulled under the mattress.
  3. Come to the foot side of this corner and do the same.
  4. Go to the other side and do the same with the corner nicely from the top to the foot side.
  5. Move around the bed and make sure they are nicely taking their place.

How To Wash

It should be washed twice per week, but the question is how to wash it. First, you must have to read the label list. And see the specific requirement that has been given for it. It might vary from one sheet to another. Many sheets need careful consideration.

Wash the queen size fitted sheet with hot or warm water. Some materials cannot tolerate hot water so they are washed with warm water.

If there is a stain, then you have to pretreat the sheet. For that, soak the sheet into a water-detergent solution. Soak it for half an hour and then wash it using the washing machine. Another way is to rub it with any detergent and then put it into the washing machine.

The Bottom Line 

Now you have learned pretty much about fitted sheets and all the queries regarding this sheet have been covered and difficult to fold. But now you know how to fold fitted sheets. And you also know about how you can use it. How you can wash it. They are easy to clean and the main purpose of using this sheet is to cover your mattress and enjoy the comfort.

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