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Get to know about sofa cum bed – what is it called for?

Whether it is dewan or sofa cum bed, now it is easy to transform the look by covering it up with sofa cum bed cover. But what exactly is sofa cum bed? The best alternative to a standard sofa for your living area is a sofa cum bed because of its high versatility. This sofa is a great option because it is compact and converts to a bed. It is also known as the "double duty beauty" since it provides two solutions simultaneously. Some people use the sofa cum bed as their bed, while others use it as their luxury sitting. A sofa bed is the best alternative if you are limited by space. A recent style that has gained popularity is the sofa bed cover. Its cover can be easily draped over the sofa or on the bed. This cover is made from different materials, colors, and designs.

The history behind its popularity!

As you are familiar with, sofas and beds have always been inseparable duos! The popularity of sofas and beds has grown steadily over the years, becoming more common than ever before. The versatility of sofas and beds is one of the factors contributing to their rising popularity. They are perfect for home and office environments because they can be used for sitting or sleeping. Because of their adaptability, sofas and beds are a desirable alternative for both residential and commercial use.
Bernard Castro is credited with creating the modern sofa bed. Castro started working as an apprentice upholsterer in the United States in 1919 after leaving Sicily. Castro invests $400 to open the Castro Convertible Store in New York City in a year or 1931. Before shutting in 1993, Castro Convertibles sold more than 5 million couches. This is the luxurious furniture that indulges elegance and charm in your space; hence the sofa cum bed cover is designed to keep your luxury sofa protected and clean.

Benefits of using sofa cum bed and its cover

  • This sofa bed cover gives a vibrant look to your living space.
  • Sofa cum bed cover protects the sofa from dust, dirt, spills, and pet fur.
  • Sofa cum bed can be easily convertible into a sofa by day and bed by night.
  • The sofa bed is the most efficient and versatile furniture. Hence, it can utilize enough equipment at a time.
  • This sofa bed cover is a great addition to the room because it adds aesthetic value and occupies very little space.

Where to buy sofa cum bed cover – Reliable and top-tier manufacturers; Rainbow Linen

Don't be worried about where to buy top-quality sofa cum bed covers ready made; at Rainbow Linen, we carefully manufacture a product that is accessible in unbeatable quality. The sofa cum bed price is reasonable and is available in different solid colors and sizes. Our support team stays active all around; feel free to contact us for your queries.
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